This post is for the Flash Fiction Challenge over at, a great site by Chuck Wendig, rough and tumble, straight and direct advice for writers and some great books too!

100 word story:

New neighbors


“Seriously?” Tired of that godawful noise, Theresa crouched in front of her sink cupboard and pulled the door open. A jagged-edged hole spanned the entire back of the cupboard. Beyond the pipes walked small, goblin-like creatures. And one was waving at her.

She shut the door, staring at it. “I must be losing my mind.”

“Knock, knock.” Came a small voice, followed by actual knocking.

In shock, she opened the door and the same creature that’d waved before, waved again.

She smiled nervously and waved back. “Hi there.”

The little creature extended its hand to her, smiling. “Hi, neighbor!”


Terribleminds Friday Flash Challenge


2 thoughts on “Terribleminds Friday Flash Challenge

  1. AB Singer says:

    There go the house prices.
    And all the small, glittery household objects…

  2. That’s funny. I can see our mice dancing behind the dishwasher.

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