New Week–New Release!


Hi peoples, so many releases this week!  This week, I present to you:

Sorrowlands by Iris Woodbury

What could these three possibly have in common? The Beryllium Chalice, the source of all life and power on Mount Olympus. With the chalice stolen from Mount Olympus by Hades, the other gods will weaken and Hades will be free to overthrow them and take control of the world. The only thing standing between the God of Death and his treacherous scheme are Flora, Kytos, and Redwood. In spite of their differences, can the three companions get the chalice, cross the evil Sorrowlands and return it to Mount Olympus in time to save the gods and the world?

Check out Iris on her blog and take a look at this new short story from her and her publisher, MysticBooks. It’s out now at Amazon!

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