More New Releases! This time: Music! (And Cookies)

Sooo, things you should know about this post before we get started:

K-pop = Korean pop music

Why Kpop is great: It’s FUN!!

They have great beats. The music is awesome.

The song lyrics (to those who can’t understand korean, they’re easily googleable) are wonderful and are great to write to.

Bonus: Most of the songs will make you involuntarily happy either from the weird or from the fun lol

So today we celebrate my favorite K-Pop band’s 2nd month of new songs with their new M/V (music video)!

From BIGBANG, their new song: BANG BANG BANG

Fair warning, kpop songs sometimes are earworms and it takes a few listens before you realize you’re bobbing your head. Welcome to the craziness. We have cookies. Crazy cookies. ~Kit