Interview with Sadie Dane, Writer of Knightly Hotness

Romance book cover for ebook

Loving the Knight #3

So yesterday was Sadie Dane’s newest release (shown above), Protected by the Knight. Today I bring you a short and sweet interview with the author herself to get to know her and her writing, who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite author!


So Sadie, what prompted you to write Protected by the Knight?

Protected by the Knight is actually the third book in my Loving the Knight series. Each book before was written to be enjoyed as a stand-alone, however there are repeat, or cameo, characters. That being said, Edward appeared first in the second book of the series, Possessed by the Knight as the hero’s brother. Edward was such a fun, sexy character to write, I was immediately intrigued about who he would end up with, what his sexy story was. I was able to discover that with Protected by the Knight and have to say (though I am biased) that he couldn’t have ended up with anyone better.

And what was the first story you ever wrote and what happened to it?

This is a little tricky. My first story or my first erotic story? My first story that I can remember writing was an epic piece that drew much of its inspiration from the Super Mario Brothers movie. I can only remember two characters, Slick, the bad guy who was tall, thin and had hair that he slicked back (get it?) and his sidekick, the man-sized dinosaur, Bruce. But, since the book is an erotic romance, I’ll also include my first erotic story, which was the short I did for my first anthology, A Spank in Time. That story will always hold a special place in my heart.

Here’s a fun one. Which fictional character would you like to have a drink with?

This is a rough question because as soon as I think and decide on one person a new, better character pops in my head. Not to sound narcissistic but I would love to catch a pint with every single one of my own characters (if they can stop shagging long enough). Dumbledore is another one that keeps popping up. I bet that guy is a party.

Erotica and steamy romance is a really good market. Why do you think sex sells?

Because it’s fun? I know why I enjoy reading erotic romance and it is for the same reason I read most fiction, to escape and explore. Only with erotic romance you are escaping into the arms of hot men and exploring…well you get it.

Blushing Books, your publisher, is known for their sexy spanking and domestic discipline stories, do you live that life?

This question of living the life gets asked a lot. I like to say first that I write erotic romance, do I live that life? I guess, yes, I do have sex. Sometimes it is even romantic. 🙂 As for some of the other aspects, I like to dabble–experience this or that–but I don’t think I could live one way all day every day.


So there you have it, a few personal answers to some popular questions from Sadie. Her newest book, Protected by the Knight, is out now and available at Amazon, B&N, and Blushing Books.

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