Ana J. Phoenix and Her Newest Romance!


This week’s new release is the hottest (pun intended) in m/m romance, courtesy of an awesome up and coming author Ana J. Phoenix.

After you’re done ooo-ing over the cool cover, take a moment to read what all this fuss is about:

Asher doesn’t like people, and people don’t like him. He’s cool with that—all he needs from them is sex, anyway. But when he’s suddenly thrust into a strange and dangerous world filled with magical creatures, joining forces with other people may just be the only way to survive.

It’s not all bad though—in this new world, he can turn into a fire-breathing dragon! Which would be awesome if it weren’t for José, the pesky fire elf sharing his fate whose goal in life seems to be to stop Asher from ever having fun. José is hot, though and Asher wants to get into his pants just as much as he wants to get home. But José is also blind, and Asher has no clue how to charm a man without relying on his looks.

Somehow, Asher has to show José that he’s more than a sex-obsessed pyromaniac with no filter between his brain and mouth. Preferably before either of them ends up dead. Civil war rages around them, and finding the way home isn’t going to be easy. And for Asher, getting there in one piece, and with his heart intact, might just prove impossible.

Having already read this story, I can tell you firsthand the characters are great and get you hooked right away, pulling you into the tale and their struggles. A little excitement, emotion and their own brand (yes, totally pun intended again!) of humor makes this an awesome read.

Check out more about Ana at her blog here.

Her amazon page has her growing library of tales here.

Just a few of her newest books and their links to get them!

brandedcover    download (1)     51JaBIfW4WL._UY250_

        Amazon                     Amazon                     Amazon

Check them out peoples!



This Week: Meet Derek Paterson & His 2 New Releases!

So today’s news is actually from Friday, so we’re time traveling now!  Which is actually fitting since the story I’m going to link you to is from mythology 😀

If you know Greek myths, you’ve probably heard about Perseus and the Gorgons. But I guarantee you haven’t heard about them in this fashion. Derek Paterson’s “Getting a Head,” goes into Perseus’ quest with a whole different vibe. He adds a little modern tech and the problems that come with it into the mix and gives us a great read in the e-magazine Timeless Tales. <—Click this link to read his and other authors’ takes on the theme.

Check it out, it’s a great little read!

And if you happen to enjoy the author’s writing, you may want to check out his newest release on Amazon:

For his other works and comics, (Yay, comics!) he can be found at his blog here.

Stay tuned for more great reads and probably (most assuredly) more kpop 😀





New Release! This Time Mine! Blood on the Wall



Hi peoples! So for all the new releases today, music and books and everything, the last one this week is my own 😀

Drawn by the scent of death and despair, as guardian of the old forest, Tarik goes to investigate the death of the area’s old druid. In the grisly scene he finds there, he also runs into a reporter who may turn out to be the endangered forest’s only hope.  Jayne has come for the scoop on the murder, but when she comes in contact with the old druid’s blood, her heritage awakens and her essence begins to change.

Reluctant to believe Tarik’s explanations, she ignores the fantastic changes to her mind and body and chooses to run home instead. But when the druid’s killer decides she’s an unresolved loose end, she must quickly come to terms with her new reality, before her ignorance winds up killing them all.

My brand new short story out from Mystic Books released today. It’s a little mythology, a little murder mystery, a little action, all wrapped up in one little package. So if you have time for a little fantasy story, check it out at Amazon!







Interview with Sadie Dane, Writer of Knightly Hotness

Romance book cover for ebook

Loving the Knight #3

So yesterday was Sadie Dane’s newest release (shown above), Protected by the Knight. Today I bring you a short and sweet interview with the author herself to get to know her and her writing, who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite author!


So Sadie, what prompted you to write Protected by the Knight?

Protected by the Knight is actually the third book in my Loving the Knight series. Each book before was written to be enjoyed as a stand-alone, however there are repeat, or cameo, characters. That being said, Edward appeared first in the second book of the series, Possessed by the Knight as the hero’s brother. Edward was such a fun, sexy character to write, I was immediately intrigued about who he would end up with, what his sexy story was. I was able to discover that with Protected by the Knight and have to say (though I am biased) that he couldn’t have ended up with anyone better.

And what was the first story you ever wrote and what happened to it?

This is a little tricky. My first story or my first erotic story? My first story that I can remember writing was an epic piece that drew much of its inspiration from the Super Mario Brothers movie. I can only remember two characters, Slick, the bad guy who was tall, thin and had hair that he slicked back (get it?) and his sidekick, the man-sized dinosaur, Bruce. But, since the book is an erotic romance, I’ll also include my first erotic story, which was the short I did for my first anthology, A Spank in Time. That story will always hold a special place in my heart.

Here’s a fun one. Which fictional character would you like to have a drink with?

This is a rough question because as soon as I think and decide on one person a new, better character pops in my head. Not to sound narcissistic but I would love to catch a pint with every single one of my own characters (if they can stop shagging long enough). Dumbledore is another one that keeps popping up. I bet that guy is a party.

Erotica and steamy romance is a really good market. Why do you think sex sells?

Because it’s fun? I know why I enjoy reading erotic romance and it is for the same reason I read most fiction, to escape and explore. Only with erotic romance you are escaping into the arms of hot men and exploring…well you get it.

Blushing Books, your publisher, is known for their sexy spanking and domestic discipline stories, do you live that life?

This question of living the life gets asked a lot. I like to say first that I write erotic romance, do I live that life? I guess, yes, I do have sex. Sometimes it is even romantic. 🙂 As for some of the other aspects, I like to dabble–experience this or that–but I don’t think I could live one way all day every day.


So there you have it, a few personal answers to some popular questions from Sadie. Her newest book, Protected by the Knight, is out now and available at Amazon, B&N, and Blushing Books.

         Amazon              Barnes & Noble         Blushing Books

And check out the other books in the series:


   Amazon                                  Amazon

      Barnes & Noble                         Barnes & Noble

      Blushing Books                          Blushing Books

Sadie Dane Adds To The Knights! New Release! (NSFW)

So I haven’t been here in awhile, but I’m back to share with everyone a brand new release from Sadie Dane!  If you like medieval times, historical romance, or just plain fun adventure, you’ll be interested in this. Plenty of extremely hot moments in this book added in with a dash (or more) of kink and you’ve got Sadie’s newest addition to her Knights series. I present to you, #3 in Loving the Knight series.

Loving the Knight #3

If that cover isn’t tempting enough, take a gander at chapter one:


Chapter One

“Of course, dove. You are my everything. Without you there is no meaning.” Edward performed his lines with the perfection of a seasoned actor. He gripped the supple cheeks of the vixen straddling him. She bit her lower lip, an amazing actress by her own right, as her bright blue eyes burned. They both knew the parts they needed to play.

“What if my husband finds out?” she whispered as if their love had robbed her of enough air to speak at a normal level.

Edward let his hands slide up her torso where he held a breast in each palm. His cock hardened at the dessert that was to come. He’d sampled this treat before and knew it was worth the theatricality required to taste it. “Let him find out,” Edward hissed, his lips vibrated against her neck. “Let the world find out!”

She wailed in longing, their scene had reached its climax and now it was time for Edward to reach his. His cock celebrated its near victory. His hands joined the party as he lifted the sultry siren up enough to delve into her silky folds.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

Someone knocked urgently at his door. Edward turned his head from the sound and lifted his hips. The woman froze, wide eyes transfixed on the very door Edward was happy to ignore.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

“Piss off!”

The woman shrieked. “What if it’s my husband?”

Moments from glory, Edward clucked his tongue and shook his head softly. “No, no,” he placed a soothing hand on her cheek. “I’m sure it is nothing import—”

“Urgent message from the King!” came the voice from the other side of the door.

“Jesus, Mary, and Joseph,” Edward bit the words out, sliding from beneath the beautiful, blonde filly. He watched her slide back and out of sight before yanking the door open, not bothering to cover himself. “What is it?”

A young, very serious looking messenger glanced once at the parchment he held before speaking at a volume loud enough for the entire castle to hear. “The King requests your discreet presence at a secret—”

“Excuse me,” Edward interrupted the messenger, leaning one arm up and against the doorway, “if it is a secret, should you be screaming?”

The messenger remained, his mouth wide open, his forehead crinkling as if he was pondering life’s greatest questions. Edward looked past the goldfish and spied a smirking figure lurking in the shadows on the other side of the path.

“I am quite busy,” Edward said to the figure in the shadows.

Caldwell leaned forward and crossed his arms. “Not anymore.”


Edward’s quite a character and if you get to like him, he’s featured in #2 of the series 😉

Check out this new release and the others in the series here:


Barnes & Noble

 Blushing Books


Romance book cover for ebook



Barnes & Noble

Blushing Books


Romance book cover for ebook


Barnes & Noble




Tomorrow you’ll get to read an interview with the author herself, Sadie Dane and find out some fun facts about her writing and this new story. So check back then!


AbsoluteWrite’s March Blog Chain

Hi peoples!

Time for another blog chain entry from over at AbsoluteWrite. And in honor of March’s holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, our prompt was “What the Leprechaun said.”

Lots of people joining in and the list will be at the end of this post so take some time, visit and comment on all those lovely people’s blogs! And without further ado, my entry. Enjoy 🙂


“The leprechaun had said what we needed would be down this way.” Michael called to Lisa, who stood at the entrance to the alley.

“I don’t like this, Mike.”

“It’ll be fine. There’s thousands of people celebrating here.” He took her hand, pulling her between the buildings. “It’s not like we have anything for them to take.”

She tried to brush those thoughts away. They’d come to the city parade to relax and escape the recent stress between them.

“Lisa, c’mon, it’ll be fun. He said it was just on the other side of this block.” He pulled her with him a few steps before she shook his hand loose.

“Look up there.” When he did, he saw the laundry lines strewn from building to building, pants and shirts swaying in the breeze.

“Yeah, great. I thought those were illegal in the city.” He kept moving, not quite as fast as he had been as the light grew dimmer, blocked out by the huge buildings of the city sections.

Lisa was looking at what else was hanging from those lines, though.  Some were filled with laundry, yes, but if you looked hard enough, you could see decorations for the holiday. Bright green clovers and store bought cutouts hung from clothespins, even green garland was strung across in places, glittering where the sunlight hit. She smiled before looking to see where Michael had gone.

“Mike, wait up!” She ran to catch up as he made it to the next lot and looked between the buildings.

“Not this one. Must be the next.” Lisa followed as he led the way, leaving him to his half-jog as she picked her way carefully through the dumpsters and over puddles.  She stopped again as the back of another building made her laugh.

“Oh my god, Mike. Look at what they’ve drawn back here!”

He stopped and trudged back with a sigh, giving her that look she hated, the one that meant he was tolerating her and not liking any bit of it. “What is it, Lisa.”

She brushed the feeling away and smiled, pointing at the massive rainbow painted with bright, intense colors that arched across the stone.

“Isn’t it great? Hidden for anyone walking down here to find.”

“You called me back to look at rainbow graffiti?” Michael shook his head and took her hand, pulling her down the alley.

She would’ve liked to have more time with the picture but Mike had wanted to go to that party all week and whether she liked it or not, she’d agreed to go.

As he looked between the next buildings, she turned, wondering if there was anything else. Her eyes lit up as she saw the small green area set up on the other side of the dismal alley. 

“Mike! Look, it’s beautiful!” She covered her mouth with her hands, pleased with finding such surprises in such a strange place.  A small tree grew there, while not huge, it was perfectly shaped, its branches sheltering the grass that had been planted underneath it. It wasn’t large enough to be called a park, but big enough for a few people to remember that the world wasn’t all covered in concrete and steel. She reached over and tried to catch Mike’s hand, managing his fingertips before he pulled away, batting at her.

“Lisa, stop. We have to get going if we’re going to make it on time.”

“Michael, I want to see. It’s just a party; we don’t even know anyone there.”

He kept walking, ignoring Lisa’s words until she called once more, frustration clear in her voice.

“Michael! Where are you going?”

“I’m going where we planned on going. Follow or not. I’m not gonna hang around in an alley looking at some stupid plant.”

The words hurt and for a fleeting moment she considered following him, letting him turn her day into a rush to get somewhere she wouldn’t enjoy anyway, like he had so many times before. But, she looked back at the small tree and felt a sudden pain of guilt at letting him ruin the lovely surprise she’d found.  She walked over and put one hand against the wood, looking up into the branches above. She made a decision then, watching Michael disappear around the corner and smiled up at the lone tree, in such a happy place, hidden away by the cityscape.

 “I guess I’ll just have to explore on my own, huh?”

She turned back towards the painting and the decorations and started to walk away when her foot hit something hard and she fell to her knees in the grass.

There, in front of her was large black bowl overflowing with the shiniest glowing gold coins she’d ever seen.

“They can’t be real…” Her gaze darted around the alley, trying to find who’d put it there when she heard the bright laughter and voice come from somewhere around her.

“I told you you’d find what you needed, if only you kept your eyes open!”

Lisa smiled in understanding. The gold would take care of all her money troubles; allow her to get her own place, more so, her own life.  Another wave of guilt swept across her and she smiled and did something she hadn’t done in a very long time. She did what would make her and her alone, happy.

She swept up two great handfuls of gold pieces and put them into her purse, leaving the bowl half-full and then patted the tree. “Save the rest for someone else. This is all I need.”

The leprechaun she’d taken for just a man in costume appeared and swept his hat off as she stood.

“Aye, a heart of gold you have, lass. You’ll find my luck wherever you wish for that act of kindness.”


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Celebrating Friends New Release

So over at the not-always-safe-for-work section of the net (you’ve been warned!), a group of friends of mine and maybe some of yours are celebrating good news tonight!

A new release with a beautiful and spooky cover has come out for them from Blushing Books:

This will be the 2nd release from Blushing Mischief, comprised of several people from the AbsoluteWrite Forums and this one in particular is Paranormal Erotica with a Hunt theme throughout the collection. So having said that, I’ll point you over to Blushing Books, where you can read samples and blurbs of their work if you think you might like it 🙂

Those AW authors included in this anthology:

And that was the end of my break from writing so celebrate! And then go write more.