If wishes were words…

I’m pretty sure everyone that writes has found themselves wishing for one thing or another.  Spend enough time on the net on anything to do with writing sites/forums and you’ll see a crazy amount of people wishing for some of the exact same things as everyone else does.

I wish I could write faster. I wish I had a better idea.  I wish this editing would be done. I wish I was done with this WIP.  And finally, maybe the hardest to wish for, I wish I knew this idea and my writing aren’t total crap.

I’m not exempt from this, I’ve wished lately with the holidays and such that I could write faster, so I didn’t seem so far behind and of course the last wish on that list runs through my head everyday as I’m sure it does many others, too.

The problem with these wishes though, is that as much as we wish them and as much as many of us write about creatures and people that could make these wishes come true, the end is always the same. The only magic genie and wish granter we have on hand is ourselves.

The only spell that we can surely cast and make a wish come true is our butt in the chair and pen in the hand (or fingers on the keyboard lol.)

They only way to write faster, is to write faster.

The only way to get the editing done, is to sit and get it done.

And the only way our wishes and dreams will come true, is if we make them come true.


Flash Fiction Challenge Entry

There’s this blog I tend to read quite a lot. It’s filled with humor of all kinds, advice, stories and a lot of fun. Be warned if you go, there’s more than a few bad words for those with sensitive eyes and ears, but it’s all in good fun and the author, Chuck Wendig, is straight and to the point with everything he puts out there. And if you’re a writer, it’s totally worth checking out. Between advice on the physical writing itself, the industry or just another viewpoint from another author, you’re bound to pick up one or two things that are useful, probably more.

Now on this blog, on Fridays, there’s a flash fiction challenge and not only does the prompt change but sometimes the rules as well, so it’s always a surprise. This post is the answer to that challenge, found here: Terrible Minds

The challenge itself?

Pull up your fave music player

Hit shuffle , hit play

The title of the first song it plays?  That’s your story’s title. Use the song, or not, but that’s your title.

Mine is a little silly, a little happy-go-lucky, and a lot different from what I usually write, but this was what was yelling to get out so here it is. The song that came up for me?  (Brace yourself, here comes 80’s music)  The Warrior by Scandal.

Have fun reading 🙂



The Warrior

“You left me there!” Lila screamed from inside their section of the barracks.

Connor ducked another boot thrown at him from the room and contemplated his chances of getting the door shut before she nailed him with something heavy.

“Lila, will you listen for a min-” He was cut off when the boot’s partner flew by his ear. Connor sighed, standing silently against the wall beside their door. When he didn’t hear any more movement, he edged over and took a quick glance in. His partner in battle, his Shieldmate, Lila, a small, blonde, spiky-haired woman stood opposite the door, her hands gripping the windowsill. He could see her muscles bunch in her arms just before she whirled around again, hearing him at the door. He put his hand out, hoping for just one minute.

“Lila, please-” He jumped back as the metal water basin hit the edge of the doorway.

The big man ran a hand through his dusty brown hair, swearing he‘d rather fight any battle than one with Lila. He hadn’t meant to leave her alone in the middle of the tavern. On her birthday. In a dress. He let his forehead smack the wall in front of him. This was not going to go well.

Connor deepened his voice, using the tone he used with the less experienced fighters and straightened up to his full six foot height.

“Lila, I’m coming in there, whether you want me to or not. It’s my bunk too.”

Just before he took one step towards the doorway, one of Lila’s knives imbedded itself into wall, followed shortly by Lila’s soft voice.

“You are not.”

Connor glared at the knife, growling in frustration just before he walked away, a new plan in mind.

“Okay, fine,” he mumbled. “We’ll see about this.”

Half an hour later, Connor came back, a small box in hand. He set it aside in the hallway and knocked on the wall next to the open door.

“Can I come in yet?”

A second knife joined the first and silence followed.

“K.” Connor said, getting the box and opening it. A moment later, he had a small bundle of fur in the form of a kitten in his hands and was holding it up at the bottom of the doorway.

“Can he come in then?”

Connor heard the clattering of a blade as it fell to the floor and his Shieldmate’s sudden footsteps as she hurried over and took the kitten from his big hands, cradling it against her chest with a wide smile.

The big warrior stood silent a moment before nudging her. “I saw the kitten outside the tavern, he was all alone. I had to save him.”

Lila looked up at him in mock irritation, her sky blue eyes shining. “I suppose I won’t kill you, this time.”

Connor smiled and was greeted with one of Lila’s own as the two warriors both looked down at their new little bunkmate.


Carving out a little corner of the net

So, wandering the net as I’m prone to do when I’m not feeling well, I visited a few blogs that I read and logged into Absolute Write like usual and saw the normal Flash Fiction Challenges and Blog Chains and finally decided I needed to place to post that kind of stuff.

And here it became. My little corner of the net to use for such things. I have no idea if I’ll keep it or not, or if I’ll ever use it for anything except net challenge type things, but here it is. Ta-Da *cue great magician’s flourish*

In case anyone reads this, I hope whatever I happen to write here is entertaining for you 🙂