New Week–New Release!


Hi peoples, so many releases this week!  This week, I present to you:

Sorrowlands by Iris Woodbury

What could these three possibly have in common? The Beryllium Chalice, the source of all life and power on Mount Olympus. With the chalice stolen from Mount Olympus by Hades, the other gods will weaken and Hades will be free to overthrow them and take control of the world. The only thing standing between the God of Death and his treacherous scheme are Flora, Kytos, and Redwood. In spite of their differences, can the three companions get the chalice, cross the evil Sorrowlands and return it to Mount Olympus in time to save the gods and the world?

Check out Iris on her blog and take a look at this new short story from her and her publisher, MysticBooks. It’s out now at Amazon!

W1S1 January Blog Chain: Character Interview

Okay, so this is part of Absolute Write’s section of W1S1 (write 1 sub 1)’s blog chain. Be sure to catch up with the previous interview at DiannaG’s post over at: DiannasWritingDen.

This month’s topic was an interview with an MC of your WIPs and among all the hands that raised, the one that didn’t volunteer was of course Zarin and so, because I’m just mean that way, here he is.

KC: Hi Zarin.

*Zarin glances up without raising his head from where he’s been resting his chin on his hand* You do realize I have more important things to do than this, right?

KC: I know, but you just got back from the last trip and you’re not leaving for another few days so you might as well get comfortable and answer some questions for the nice people.

Zarin:  Uh-huh. *He sits back in his chair and crosses his arms over his chest.* Let’s get this over with then.

KC: Okay! *glances at my notebook with questions before seeing Zarin’s glare* Well, where would you rather be instead of here?

Zarin: Wow, that’s just so original.

KC: Hey! It’s my first interview and you’re not leaving till you answer my questions, so?

Zarin: I, would rather be at the tavern, eating hot food and eavesdropping.

KC: Eavesdropping?

Zarin:  Yes, eavesdropping. You’d be surprised at the things you can catch coming out of people’s mouths in a tavern.

KC:  Don’t they tend to notice you at some point or another?

*Zarin gives me a lazy, one-shoulder shrug* Call it a perk of being a Shadow.

KC: Well, that brings me to the next question I had for you. What exactly does being a Shadow mean?

*Zarin sighs and looks at me* Really? Do we have to do this?

KC: The sooner you get it over with the sooner you can go back to your eavesdropping.

Zarin: Fine. A Shadow, or a person from the Shadow Realm has two forms, physical, like you, or shadow, like any other shadow cast by an object in light. Except we don’t need light, we’re simply moving shadows. You can really only see us against the objects that are behind us or under us so, it helps eavesdropping greatly.

KC: I’m sure it helps with quite a few things. *points to a long bandage on his arm* It doesn’t seem to make you invincible though.

*Zarin smirked without looking at it* Let’s just say I don’t carry around seven inch blades for eating apples.

KC: Uh-huh, annnnd with that, before you scare anyone, I’ll let you go get your food and eavesdrop to…  *Zarin is off the chair and out the door in seconds* …your heart’s content.

Such a pain. Anyway, you can continue the interviews next over at BD Wilson’s blog and to check out the other interviews, here’s the full list of participants. Have fun reading 🙂



Friends of mine from AbsoluteWrite and I were chatting today and were reminded that awhile ago, we were going to start a #nerdchick thread, and started using the #nerdchick hashtag.  This kind of gave me an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone of what it means to me to be a geek girl, or #nerdchick (as we’re calling it today.)

Does it mean you have to love Browncoats? For me, a resounding yes, for you, maybe no (blasphemy lol.)

Does it mean that you have to love gaming of some sort? Not necessarily. (Again for me yes.)

Does it mean that you have to love certain movies or cartoons or anything specific at all?  Again, no.

For me, while I love things most stereotypically called “geek,” #nerdchick means this: (my opinion only)

It means you love, whatever it is you love, unabashedly, unashamed and without regret of loving that thing, no matter how weird or how not-expected. Whether it be Firefly, the first first Star Wars, or the second first Star Wars, Star Trek, MMORPGS, FPS, Tabletop gaming or anything your little heart desires, anyone can be a #nerdchick 🙂

Get your geek on!

(And, just for the sake of the silly day: “Hello, My  name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.”)





If wishes were words…

I’m pretty sure everyone that writes has found themselves wishing for one thing or another.  Spend enough time on the net on anything to do with writing sites/forums and you’ll see a crazy amount of people wishing for some of the exact same things as everyone else does.

I wish I could write faster. I wish I had a better idea.  I wish this editing would be done. I wish I was done with this WIP.  And finally, maybe the hardest to wish for, I wish I knew this idea and my writing aren’t total crap.

I’m not exempt from this, I’ve wished lately with the holidays and such that I could write faster, so I didn’t seem so far behind and of course the last wish on that list runs through my head everyday as I’m sure it does many others, too.

The problem with these wishes though, is that as much as we wish them and as much as many of us write about creatures and people that could make these wishes come true, the end is always the same. The only magic genie and wish granter we have on hand is ourselves.

The only spell that we can surely cast and make a wish come true is our butt in the chair and pen in the hand (or fingers on the keyboard lol.)

They only way to write faster, is to write faster.

The only way to get the editing done, is to sit and get it done.

And the only way our wishes and dreams will come true, is if we make them come true.


Carving out a little corner of the net

So, wandering the net as I’m prone to do when I’m not feeling well, I visited a few blogs that I read and logged into Absolute Write like usual and saw the normal Flash Fiction Challenges and Blog Chains and finally decided I needed to place to post that kind of stuff.

And here it became. My little corner of the net to use for such things. I have no idea if I’ll keep it or not, or if I’ll ever use it for anything except net challenge type things, but here it is. Ta-Da *cue great magician’s flourish*

In case anyone reads this, I hope whatever I happen to write here is entertaining for you 🙂