W1S1 January Blog Chain: Character Interview

Okay, so this is part of Absolute Write’s section of W1S1 (write 1 sub 1)’s blog chain. Be sure to catch up with the previous interview at DiannaG’s post over at: DiannasWritingDen.

This month’s topic was an interview with an MC of your WIPs and among all the hands that raised, the one that didn’t volunteer was of course Zarin and so, because I’m just mean that way, here he is.

KC: Hi Zarin.

*Zarin glances up without raising his head from where he’s been resting his chin on his hand* You do realize I have more important things to do than this, right?

KC: I know, but you just got back from the last trip and you’re not leaving for another few days so you might as well get comfortable and answer some questions for the nice people.

Zarin:  Uh-huh. *He sits back in his chair and crosses his arms over his chest.* Let’s get this over with then.

KC: Okay! *glances at my notebook with questions before seeing Zarin’s glare* Well, where would you rather be instead of here?

Zarin: Wow, that’s just so original.

KC: Hey! It’s my first interview and you’re not leaving till you answer my questions, so?

Zarin: I, would rather be at the tavern, eating hot food and eavesdropping.

KC: Eavesdropping?

Zarin:  Yes, eavesdropping. You’d be surprised at the things you can catch coming out of people’s mouths in a tavern.

KC:  Don’t they tend to notice you at some point or another?

*Zarin gives me a lazy, one-shoulder shrug* Call it a perk of being a Shadow.

KC: Well, that brings me to the next question I had for you. What exactly does being a Shadow mean?

*Zarin sighs and looks at me* Really? Do we have to do this?

KC: The sooner you get it over with the sooner you can go back to your eavesdropping.

Zarin: Fine. A Shadow, or a person from the Shadow Realm has two forms, physical, like you, or shadow, like any other shadow cast by an object in light. Except we don’t need light, we’re simply moving shadows. You can really only see us against the objects that are behind us or under us so, it helps eavesdropping greatly.

KC: I’m sure it helps with quite a few things. *points to a long bandage on his arm* It doesn’t seem to make you invincible though.

*Zarin smirked without looking at it* Let’s just say I don’t carry around seven inch blades for eating apples.

KC: Uh-huh, annnnd with that, before you scare anyone, I’ll let you go get your food and eavesdrop to…  *Zarin is off the chair and out the door in seconds* …your heart’s content.

Such a pain. Anyway, you can continue the interviews next over at BD Wilson’s blog and to check out the other interviews, here’s the full list of participants. Have fun reading 🙂


4 thoughts on “W1S1 January Blog Chain: Character Interview

  1. Samuel Mae says:

    Heh. Sounds like a cool character to write. Nicely done, Kit! 🙂

  2. BD Wilson says:

    Heh! Seems like a character that needs some prodding 🙂 I like the Shadow explanation, and the comments dropped in that give a hint to the world 🙂

  3. LilliCray says:

    Hehe! That seems like one fun character. Great job getting in the world details along with the character voice. His personality definitely came across loud and clear. 😉

  4. kitiandra says:

    Thanks guys, glad it was entertaining 🙂

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