Friends of mine from AbsoluteWrite and I were chatting today and were reminded that awhile ago, we were going to start a #nerdchick thread, and started using the #nerdchick hashtag.  This kind of gave me an idea that wouldn’t leave me alone of what it means to me to be a geek girl, or #nerdchick (as we’re calling it today.)

Does it mean you have to love Browncoats? For me, a resounding yes, for you, maybe no (blasphemy lol.)

Does it mean that you have to love gaming of some sort? Not necessarily. (Again for me yes.)

Does it mean that you have to love certain movies or cartoons or anything specific at all?  Again, no.

For me, while I love things most stereotypically called “geek,” #nerdchick means this: (my opinion only)

It means you love, whatever it is you love, unabashedly, unashamed and without regret of loving that thing, no matter how weird or how not-expected. Whether it be Firefly, the first first Star Wars, or the second first Star Wars, Star Trek, MMORPGS, FPS, Tabletop gaming or anything your little heart desires, anyone can be a #nerdchick 🙂

Get your geek on!

(And, just for the sake of the silly day: “Hello, My  name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.”)





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